Orange County Work Injury Attorney

What you do in the immediate aftermath of a workplace injury can have huge ramifications for any potential workers’ compensation claim you make. You need to be careful and understand how to proceed after an injury on the job to protect your right to compensation. Your best course of action is to speak with a highly knowledgeable Anaheim workers’ compensation attorney who can advise you at every step.

Having already recovered millions of dollars in compensation for injured employees, the Law Offices of Robert Willyard knows what your rights are when it comes to workers’ compensation. Robert Willyard is eminently qualified to represent you as a California Board of Legal Specialization certified specialist in workers’ compensation law and former commissioner to the State Bar Advisory Board for workers’ comp. Our high rate of success allows us to work on a contingency fee—meaning we won’t get paid until you recover compensation!

You’ve been injured on the job—now what?

Carefully follow these steps in the wake of an injury for your best chances at recovering what you deserve. Make sure you speak with an attorney as soon as you can for more detailed advice.

Report the incident: In California, you have 30 days to report the accident to your employer. This ought to be the very first thing you do when you suspect you have been hurt. Even if you file within 30 days, the longer you wait can jeopardize your chances at a successful outcome.

Seek medical attention: Get help right away from a doctor or hospital for your injury. Since workers’ compensation is designed to cover such expenses, only worry about obtaining receipts of any medical attention you receive to later incorporate into your claim.

File a claim report: You should be provided a claim to fill out by your employer. Be thorough. After about two weeks, you should hear back from your employer’s insurer regarding your claim. Whether you are a full- or part-time employee, it is your right to file a claim for compensation.

No matter what, we protect YOU!

If your employer’s insurance company is unwilling to offer you compensation that is fair, or if your employer attempts to punish you in retaliation for filing a claim, you need to work with a skilled Anaheim workers’ compensation lawyer who can fight back. Our firm understands your rights and can take any measure needed to protect them.

Speak with the Law Offices of Robert Willyard and get the compensation you need to move forward with your life after a serious injury at work. We work hard for you!

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