Trusted Anaheim Work Injury Attorney

Working construction is one of the most dangerous occupations around, and nearly one in ten workers are injured on the job each year. Though considerable legislation has been passed to ensure construction workers are safe, the presence of subcontractors and pressures tied to completing a job on time still contribute to serious injuries.

Injured construction workers have a reliable advocate in the Law Offices of Robert Willyard where our firm has handled countless claims of employees being injured on the job. Our highly-skilled Orange County work injury attorneys have recovered millions of dollars obtaining the benefits our client’s need to cover their related financial expenses after a serious injury.

Advocate for Injured Construction Workers

Regardless of the dangerous nature of your job, you have the right to seek compensation when they are injured on the job through no fault of their own. You could be so injured so as to be unable to work—this is where Robert Willyard can step in and recover what you need to move forward with your recovery.

Did you suffer any of the following types of construction accident?

  • Falling debris
  • Gas or chemical explosion
  • Injuries from a nail gun
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Construction vehicle collisions
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Scaffolding or ladder fall
  • Electrical shocks and electrocution

Benefits including compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages from work, permanent or temporary disability, and rehabilitation can be recovered through a successful claim through workers’ compensation. This makes finding the right Anaheim workers’ compensation attorney of paramount importance.

Retain an Aggressive Attorney as Soon as Possible

The Law Offices of Robert Willyard knows exactly what is at stake when you are hurt on the job. You are likely concerned how you will cover your expenses—doctor bills, medication, physical therapy—and fearful of not being able to work to pay for these. Allow our experienced firm to handle the legal side of your accident so you can focus on recovering the best you can.

You can trust Robert Willyard as a Certified Specialist in workers’ compensation law to manage your case diligently and professionally. Our firm focuses squarely on those employees injured on the job because we fully understand how fraught with anxiety most people are when they are seriously hurt. Act quickly, and secure reliable representation to obtain the benefits you deserve.

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