You deserve to know some of the less-known factors that can affect the outcome of a workers’ compensation claim, such as your social media postings. It used to be the case that sometimes if an employee filed a work injury claim, the company would hire a private investigator to follow the employee and gather evidence to use against their claim.

Today, companies have a much easier time finding out which employees are truly injured and which are not by looking at their social media profiles. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social platforms can sometimes share more than you intend—you need to be aware that your status and pictures can be accessed by your employer, workers’ compensation insurer, or their legal counsel.

Thus, posting a status about a party or other event that you attended soon after your accident can raise alarm bells for your employer if they should come across it. Such information could be submitted to be used against you in court, doing serious harm to your compensation claim.

Some things to keep in mind to protect your claim when using social media:

  • Don’t post or upload photos or status updates pertaining to your accident, injuries, or your activities afterwards.
  • Be discrete about tagging your location when making posts
  • Don’t comment publicly about your activities after the accident
  • Don’t accept friend requests from anyone you don’t know

There may be grounds for you to challenge any information gleaned form your social media related to your right to privacy; however, many workers’ compensation claims have been denied when insurance companies came across damaging information posted on social media by the alleged injured party.

Take no chances when it comes to your workers’ compensation benefits. You can learn more about what to do to protect your injury claim by speaking with a highly-qualified Orange County work injury attorney from Willyard Law as soon as you are hurt on the job.

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