The workers’ compensation system is open for any employee who is injured while at work, and having a skilled Orange County work injury attorney by your side can increase the chances of recovering the benefits you need after being seriously hurt.

Filing a claim for workers’ compensation is not without its pitfalls.  Making mistakes on your claim can result in reduced benefits or losing your eligibility altogether.

Here are five mistakes to avoid during the claims process:

Not acting fast enough—take careful note of all information related to your accident as far as possible. As time goes on, your recollection of the events leading up to your injury will diminish, and your injuries may begin to heal. Note everything that is relevant to your accident: who witnessed it, where it happened, when it happened, and any other information that could be useful.

Not going to the doctor—you need to obtain a full medical work-up after being injured. Any injuries which you fail to check may not be compensated. Even if you believe you are uninjured, your symptoms could be delayed, so see a doctor as soon as you can and keep a copy of any related paperwork.

Exaggerating their injuries—you need to be honest with your physician about the pain you are experiencing. If your doctor has reason to suspect you are embellishing your injuries, they may take note of this on your health record which could jeopardize your compensation.

Not doing what your doctor says—act according to all your doctor’s advice, such as making necessary appointments, taking all medications prescribed, and abstaining from all prohibited activities. Your employer’s insurance company could argue against your compensation if you fail to go by your doctor’s advice.

Not hiring an aggressive lawyer—a good workers’ compensation attorney will know exactly how to proceed in order to maximize your benefits. They can review all factors relevant to your claim, especially issues that you may be unaware of if you were to try and represent yourself. An attorney can essentially offer you the best chance of recovering the benefits you deserve and can evaluate any settlement offered to determine if it is a reasonable one.


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