Welcome to the Law Offices of Robert Willyard

Welcome to the Law Offices of Robert Willyard, where we make sure you get the benefits you’re entitled to.  Have you been injured on the job? Have you been injured at work or have a medical condition that has worsened while working?  At Willyard Law, we represent you. And for injured workers, if no compensation is obtained, then no legal fees! 

Are you a Workers’ Compensation Candidate?

Have you been injured on the job?
Do you experienced any pain while doing your job duties?
Do you have medical condition that’s worsened while working?
Did you know your employer or it’s insurance company will pay you for the medical treatment and disability payments you are entitled to receive?
Without an attorney, do you think your employer or it’s insurance company will provide proper and adequate medical care?
Are you concerned that your employer will fire you if you report an injury or pain that affects your work performance?
Have you though that your health problems or pain are related to your work but didn’t know who to talk to?
Did you know that a small aggravation of a preexisting medical condition may be a work injury entitling you to benefits for life?
Do you know that repetitive motions may do as much damage as a sudden injury?

If you have any questions about any of the questions above, you need more information about your Workers’ Compensation rights.

Workers’ Compensation IS Your Health Insurance for Work-Related Conditions! And there Are No Co-Pays! 


About Robert Willyard & Willyard Law

Robert Willyard of Willyard Law specializes in serious injuries in any industry – such as construction workers, city, county and state workers, teachers, the education industry, truck drivers, delivery people, the medical industry, factory workers, warehouse workers, the retail industry, cashiers, security employees, restaurant workers, retail and sales, blue collar workers, white collar workers, police, firemen, janitors, the entertainment industry, union workers with “carve-out” cases, that deal with difficult employers and insurance companies, and complex litigation.

He is a Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law by The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization and one of only nine Commissioners of the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Commission to the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization. He is one of the two Co-Chairs of the Orange County Bar Association, Workers’ Compensation Section, 2012, and he is a part time Judge Pro Tem at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board in Orange County. He has also clerked for Federal and State Judges.

Attorney Robert Willyard knows the system. He’s represented all sides in Workers’ Compensation: employers, insurance companies, third party administrators, doctors and injured workers. He is here to help you!


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